How to Record a Video of Your Screen with Sound on Windows 11 10

So Game bar is a Windows 10 included screen capture tool, with which you can record game clips, take screenshots, and broadcast game battles. Besides, you can also utilize it to capture any other non-game application running on the desktop. There are a few ways to record your screen on Windows without the game bar. One way is to use the built-in Windows screen recorder, which you can access by pressing Windows+G.

Click Refresh your PC without impacting your files in the Refresh your PC section. Automatic Repair should now begin, and your computer may reboot during this procedure. To finish the process, follow the wizard’s instructions. In the disc tray, place the original Windows 7 installation DVD. This may be verified by right-clicking on the first folder and checking the date.

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Yes, I’m telling you to put on your training wheels. In my particular case, I’m just too darn lazy to want to More items… deal with it. I always want Windows to come up with the NumLock key “on” — no matter what happened in a previous lifetime. Back up the Registry key that you expect to change.

  • Usually, this happens in cases where an older version of Windows was installed, or a non-compatible operating system such as Linux was installed.
  • In this case, you should be able to resolve the issue by disabling 3rd party browser extensions for IE.
  • For each tile you want to remove, right-click and select Unpin from Start.
  • If the change didn’t do what you wanted it to do, restore the Registry by double-clicking the .reg file that you saved.

Before you try your hand at fixing these errors, it is first necessary to have a backup in place. Something going wrong during the repair could completely destroy your registry, leaving many other new issues in its wake – we don’t want to end up in a situation like this. So it’s best to create a Windows registry backup first. When you install software, new entries are made inside the registry. When you uninstall a program these entries should be deleted but that does not always happen.

Reason Behind Broken Registry Items

I admit that I’ve fallen into this trap before, and if you have ever used CCleaner, chances are you’ve fallen for it too. Only edit the system registry if requested by a support engineer. Carefully follow the steps provided when editing.

Microphone not Recording Voice in Xbox Game Bar Windows 10

Wait for the software to identify stability issues and possible corrupted files. When a Blue Screen of Death appears there is a blue screen with a message, telling you that the PC has run into a problem. Usually, the stop code registry error appears on the bottom of the screen. These errors always restart your PC in order to prevent damage, and since these errors are rather serious, it’s your priority to fix them.

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